CMMI-DEV ML3 certificate

In August, 2009, SEI affirms the CMMI-DEV ML 3 Appraisal to Shinewave International Inc. and completes registration in SEI official website. All of the departments for products development and delivery were covered by this appraisal. The products and services that Shinewave provides to customers is further guaranteed and assured per this appraisal.

Shinewave not only devotes to develop product and software technique but also aggressively realize process improvement to software engineering, therefore enforce the core competency. This appraisal demonstrates the concrete result of all staffs’ efforts on complying to regulations and discipline, also further approves Shinewave’s constant persistence – profession, efficiency, and quality.

The GM of Shinewave, Dr. Yu said, “having CMMI-DEV ML3 certificate is a milestone as well as the responsibility to keep uplifting our software competency. We will strive to the continual improving and sustaining operation.”