eForm Manager

Your best choice for e-commerce and e-office solution!

eForm Manager is a range of electronic form software implemented with web-based technologies. This solution yields lots of advantages, allowing companies to get the benefits of paperless, time and cost saving etc.

eForm Manager can be set up to be used anywhere by accessing through a web browser. You will have a centralized web system for your entire office. Any updates and upgrades will be automatically available to you. You can get the customized application to integrate with your employee data.

The form information can be collected easily into a database, cutting costs of entering information. Forms can be created and maintained quickly and effectively. New or revised forms can be generated in minutes.

It is designed based on the state transition principle. Guided data entry, validation and calculation reduce form-filling errors and simplify procedures.

– “State Transition” as operation kernel, not by “Workflow”
– “Role” is the basis of this system
– Intuitive Web based interface, eliminating user resistance and retraining requirements
– Fully customization
– Uses the clients’ existing, preferred IP network infrastructure
– Best solution for e-commerce and e-office

– Easy administration
– Converts paper-based data collection to electronic web-based methods
– The system helps user fill it in correctly
– Cost effective
– Forms can be created and maintained quickly and effectively
– Any updates and upgrades will be easy
– New or revised forms can be generated in minutes

System requirements
– CPU: Pentium 133 Mhz or above
– RAM: 128MB or above
– HD: 200 MB or above
– OS: Microsoft NT or Linux

Our experiences
Miaoli County Government, Nantou County Government,
Chun YU WORKS & CO. LTD, Taiwan Farmers & Fishermen United Information Center, Prodigit Electronics CO. LTD., ATEN.com, Bank of Taiwan, W&Jsoft Inc., Jetprint Inc., SUMEEKO INDUSTRIES CO. LTD, Dream Technologies Inc., Trend-go.com Inc., Jeng-Ye Technology CO. LTD., Media Master International Inc., Yun San Corporation, and etc.