Competitive Strengths

Competitive Strengths

Your Access to Asia!!!

Well-known companies such as IBM, Microsoft, SUN, Novell and SAP have jointed in force with us. We together have created remarkable business growth.

Currently expanding our service in Greater China, we are focusing on self-developed software applications and localization engineering for non-Chinese products. If you are considering going Asia to explore all the business possibilities, we are always at your service!

International Business Experiences

Software Localization (Asian Languages)
Shinewave International Inc.
has been closely in cooperation with IBM and other international companies in lots of localization projects. So far, we are the only one qualified QA vendor of IBM Taiwan. However, we never self-satisfied with this. We will keep on trying our best to delivery quality services and join hands with each client to continuously create a double-win situation.

Our product-support team is responsible for installing, testing and maintaining our products. We have experienced instructors teaching users how to make efficient use of our products and how to administer large-sized systems. In terms of customer service, we respond immediately to every business demand, question and problem in every way as long as our clients have request. Whenever and wherever our clients need us, we always go to them in an instant.

On-schedule Delivery
Having cooperated with international companies for many years, we have developed a carefully managed procedure to make sure we deliver best-quality, on-schedule and satisfaction-guaranteed products to our clients all at the same time.

High Quality, Satisfaction Guaranteed
The development of our products is adhered to software engineering standard and has been rigorously tested. Take package software for instance, the average testing time exceeds 800 labor-hours. As for configuration management, each product model is managed under attentive planning and control process, so that not a single piece of information would be lost after installing an updated version or uninstalling the previous version of our products.

Multi-dimensional Software Domains
Shinewave International Inc.
has acquired some patent rights based on many years of self-development and cooperation with domestic and international IT companies. Our domain technologies include package.

Recognition from Our Clients

Our confidence and achievements come with the trust and recognition from our clients, including governmental organizations, various level of schools and all sizes of enterprises.

Our enterprise clients
IBM, Novell, SAP, Sun, ASUSTek Inc., Compal, the Government Information Office, China Trust Commercial Bank, Mackay Memorial Hospital, TATUNG Inc., USI, ACER, LEO, MITAC, API, Sun Moon Star, LOYALTY FOUNDER, DEBTEL Inc., Winbond, GIGABYTE, and many more to come.