Brief History

Shinewave International Inc. , founded on August 15, 1997, core members transferred from the Institute for Information Industry (I.I.I.), is Taiwan’s leading provider of multi-dimensional software solutions. Our major stockholders are ASUSTek Computer Inc. and Mercuries Data Systems Ltd. In addition to Taiwan headquarters, to reinforce the business and market development in local areas, subsidiaries in Mainland China (Soochow and Shenzhen) are set up as part of our global business arrangement.

Shinewave International Inc. has provided software solutions for enterprises and manufacturers, utility package software for SOHO and end-users, and embedded software for IA products. Currently expanding our business scale in Asia, our focus is on self-developing applications and Chinese localization engineering for non-Chinese products.

Shinewave International Inc. is committed to innovative Internet application integration, acculturation of information engineering professionals, and best-quality products and services that fit the requirements of our clients. Our clients have enjoyed all the benefits that advanced information technology can bring. Thereafter, profits and cost-savings come at hyper speed. And we are well confident to deliver the same benefits to you today.